How to Visit BNI Sterling

Can you handle more business?

To visit BNI Sterling please follow these 3 easy steps:

  1. Check your profession doesn’t clash with a member by viewing the member profiles here
  2. Pre-book online below to save £2 (£20 on the door or £18 if you pay online).  We will receive an email notice that you have booked.
  3. Come to the meeting on Thursday – you will be warmly greeted on the door. Our meeting venue, map (including directions) and street view photo of the venue are below the booking calendar and on the contact page.

BNI has a policy where it only allows one profession per group.
Therefore, if your profession clashes with another member you are unable to visit that group.
If this is the case, please email and he will help you find a group to visit

£20 at the door.
£18 if you book online.

Three Easy Routes to BNI Sterling

Please click on the map on the right to see an enlarged version.

Click the button below for a printable PDF version of the map.

Meeting Venue: Corney & Barrow Restaurant (pictured on the right of the Google Street View image below)
The main entrance to Corney & Barrow is opposite the Pret a Manger cafe (in between two streets: Fenchurch Avenue and Lime Street)

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