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The Early Bird Gets The Worm | Business Networking

We all absolutely love hearing about each other’s businesses! The smiles and genuine vigor in the mornings really does create an environment that is not only conducive to worthwhile referral related discussions, but also a joyous and socially stimulating morning. Following the morning presentations and networking, we feel well equipped to head out and refer where ever we can throughout the week. Every form of input from members is truly appreciated and goes a long way in ensuring a successful meeting. Cheers, to another fruitful month at BNI Sterling.

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Breakfast, Business, and Banter. They’re all on the table.

We would love for you to be a fellow member of BNI Stirling.

The more members we have, the more effectively we can grow your business because you have more salespeople (read “referrers”) looking out for you.

We would, therefore, like to extend an invitation to the following professions to join us:

  • Surveyor
  • Contractor
  • Event Organiser
  • Estate Agent
  • Recruitment consultant
  • Corporate Finance
  • Foreign Exchange
  • Will writer
  • Office movers
  • Graphic designer
  • Managed print company
  • Office stationery supplier

If you would like to join us, Click Here

Education Slot

By Fred Royer.

Business Speech Talk Presentation Demonstration

This week let’s talk about the 60 seconds and how to deliver a good 60 seconds.

Before this , please remember that 60 seconds means 60 seconds and you have to respect this timing.

You have 5 main points:

1) Begin with a good introduction: talk with enthusiasm and passion about your business and your role within it.

2) Pick one service,one product or one benefit that you provide to your clients. 

In this sense, give examples of how you have helped your clients recently

3) Tell it with a story about the client of the month or of the week.

Make it alive (it’s very early in the morning ?) simple and concrete to help people to find you referrals

4) Call to action, ask for business: 

How could the other members help you? What do you want them to do?

Ask for a name, title, company or for people that could provide you some business

5) Close and find a memory hook

Movers & Shakers!

From Ken Hettiarachi – Freedom Works UK 

Last Saturday I was suffering from flu, and I had a very important coaching session to attend the following day.

It was evening, I was out celebrating a friends reunion and what I came back home I was worse.

So I ran a hot bath and poured a generous amount of Kadifa’s Grapefruit and Lime Bath and Body oil and soaked for about 20 minutes. Dried myself and went to sleep.

I slept like a baby and woke up next day feeling completely refreshed and my flu almost gone.

My coaching session went really well and no one had any idea I had the flu.

Kadifa’s Naturally Made For You is a fantastic brand and I have used her product to moisturize my skin as I am prone to dry skin and it has been very good.

I can highly recommend Kadifa and her fantastic products for skin care.


Natural Health Care Skin

Click here to find out all about the wonderful range

Interesting News


News BNI BlogAre you doing what matters most to you?

I’m not talking about what makes you happy in the moment, but rather, what really drives your life. What gives your life meaning?

In a study published in the Journal of Positive Psychology that examines self-reported attitudes toward happiness and meaning, the researchers found a meaningful life and a happy life overlap in certain ways, but are ultimately different, reports Emily Esfahani Smith in The Atlantic.  Read the full article here Read the full article here



Join us!

If you would like to visit our business networking group, please:

BNI is quite literally the best way to build a better business. We can help you seize the opportunities to take your business to the next level: making it more profitable, more effective and more successful than you ever thought possible. Everything else is just random networking.

More Profitable

Your fellow members become your unpaid marketing team, actively seeking new business for you.

More Effective

BNI’s structured, supportive and professional environment is the perfect place to gain practical advice, learn valuable new business skills and achieve best practice.

More Successful

Word of mouth is still the best way to win new business. BNI shows you how to develop relationships built upon trust so others can confidently refer new business to you.

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