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The Attack Of The Killer Office Chair!

(And how to defend yourself)

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Oh how comfortable and convenient it is to be seated all day at your desk, barely having to move a lower limb.
All the more energy directed at your tasks, right? Sounds like bliss?


Beware! Right under your … bum there lies a terrifying monster!

BNI Sterling is holding a one time only event, where you will gain crucial insight into the dangers of sitting all day at the office. In fact it has been said that it is as dangerous as smoking!

Gurinder Sandhu of Elevate London, an expert in Personal Training, Nutrition Coaching, Rehabilitation & Sports Performance will present a short 20 min talk that will give you critical insight, tools and methods to alleviate the damage of this very common problem.

Being one of London’s most vibrant BNI Referral Marketing Chapters, you will have the opportunity to:

  • Visit our 1.5 hour structured BNI business referral meeting,
  • enjoy an ala carte breakfast,
  • network AND

  • enjoy this valuable talk.  

Date: 28 September

06:45am - 9:00am

WHY 06:45 ? It is BNI’s way not to interrupt your business day. So this is an early, breakfast meeting.

£20 will get you in. You will leave with far more value than that.

Produced by: BNI Sterling, Elevate LDN & Brainstorm Strategic Marketing

Stand up.
Make your move.
Don’t sit wondering!

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