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Sarah Dillingham – Case Studies for Business

Case Study Ninja

Sarah Dillingham - Case Study Ninja

Sarah Dillingham
Case Study Ninja

I run Case Study Ninja, we help you create, manage and publish case studies.

Why case studies?

Case studies (also known as credentials, client stories and success stories) are a powerful way to capture
evidence of successful delivery.

The best case studies tell the story of how you helped your client solve a problem, and the impact that you had.

Unfortunately, many people don’t have the time to write case studies. At the end of a long project it can be the last thing you want to do, it slips down the to-do list, and you may eventually find yourself writing one at the last minute against a bid or pitch deadline.

I set up Case Study Ninja to take the pain out of the whole case study process, from project close all the way though to bid, pitch and / or marketing collateral.

We offer a full concierge service that includes case study interview and write up, client sign off liaison, video production and training. We specialize in case studies for awards submissions and large bids.

All of this is supported with our cloud software and app, so that you can effectively manage your case studies with your client and client.

My unique selling points

I’m passionate about helping businesses tell the story of their success and demonstrate how they help their clients.

I have over 10 years’ experience helping businesses win more work with amazing case studies, and I’m proud to have played a part in some high value wins.

I have a wide network within professional services and the start-up scene, both in the UK and internationally.

I used to run a bridal business as a side gig for fun, so if you want the low down on the UK bridal industry, just ask, I’m happy to share my learning.

How long have I been in business?

Case Study Ninja launched in June 2016.

Prior to founding Case Study Ninja, I spent 20 years in knowledge management roles.

Working closely with sales and marketing teams, I have delivered large scale enterprise information projects in global professional services corporates (KPMG, PwC, EY, Freshfields, Tribal Group) and UK central Government (HM Treasury, National Audit Office).

Who would be your idea client?

Our ideal client is either a senior consultant or business development professional in a professional

services organisation (e.g. consultancy, law, engineering, commercial construction, accountancy).

How would someone start a conversation with a person that you think can be referred to you?

Is your company good at creating business case studies? If they start moaning, send them my way!

T: 07983769464

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