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It is truly awe-inspiring to witness fellow professionals stand up each week and orchestrate a brilliant presentation on their particular field or business. Whether it is 60 seconds or 10 minutes, we are all constantly learning more about each other. It has been evident following the success BNI Sterling has seen in October, that the information shared between members has substantiated the referral processes to a large degree. The fact that our members truly find happiness in the success of others, is what ensures the continual growth of our networking repertoire.

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Breakfast, Business and Banter. They're all on the table. 

We would love for you to be a fellow member of BNI Stirling.

The more members we have, the more effectively we can grow your business because you have more salespeople (read “referrers”) looking out for you.

We would, therefore, like to extend an invitation to the following professions to join us:

  • Surveyor
  • Contractor
  • Event Organiser
  • Estate Agent
  • Recruitment consultant
  • Corporate Finance
  • Foreign Exchange
  • Will writer
  • Office movers
  • Graphic designer
  • Managed print company
  • Office stationery supplier

Education Slot 

By Fred Royer:


Hi everyone.

Today I’m going to talk about referrals.

  • What is a referral?
  • What is a good referral?
  • What is the distinction between a lead and a referral?
  • How to fill out the referral slip in front of you?

A lead is information that you give to a member . For instance, if I read something in the news about a new start up, I could give the information to Richard for him to look into but it doesn’t mean that it could generate some business.

An introduction can also be likned to a lead. Bharat asked last time if we know some removal companies.

If it is the case, we will make an introduction to Bharat but it is not certain whether or not that they will make some business together.

However, a referral is an introduction to someone who is expecting your call. If a client asked me if I know a company able to provide him with business cards and leaflets in an emergency for an exhibition, I will provide him with Kye’s details and will inform Kye as well. In this case, it is not just good referral but a reactive referral.

How to get also proactive referrals? There are some key points:

-Listen carefully to the 60s presentation and to the 10mn

The members need to inform the others with passion and enthusiasm about their job, their services, what they are looking for, what are their selling points and what clients, partners or providers of business could be interesting for them.

Engage in constructive 1 to 1 conversation with all the members to get to know them.

Lastly when you have a referral for a member you fill out the referral slip: the white is to the receiver, the pink for the chapter (and Richard’s stats) and the yellow from you.

You put the name of the person, the company and the details (phone number, email).

If I need some business cards for my company, it is an internal referral as opposed to an external referral such as my previous example. Use the depiction of the thermometer on the side of the referral sheet to give an indication of how 'hot' the referral is, or how likely are they to yield financial gain. 

Business Networking News & Advice from

I have been writing about networking for more than 30 years!  After all these years, I still find that there are many misnomers about what business networking should, or shouldn’t be about.  Many people think that business networking is basically about direct selling.  Others think that is about relationship building.  What do you think makes a great networker? 


Click here to read the full article.  

Movers & Shakers! 

St Pauls Photoshoot
One of Danilo's full-shot of photographs me.

Testimonial from Sarah Dillingham to Danilo Leonardi:

When The Sun asked me for selection of informal headshots to accompany an article, I reached out to fellow BNI member, photographer Danilo Leonardi. Within 3 hours we were standing outside of St Pauls, taking a range of photos that fit the brief.

Danilo kept the whole experience light and fun with fast and expert set up, and clear instructions on where to stand. We were able to get great shots quickly. Impressively, Danilo turned the editing around that day. I was able to get the image across to hit the reporter's deadline.

The Sun didn't use the shots in the end - they changed their mind for a more formal business look - but that doesn't matter as I love the images, and am already using them to illustrate client pitch packs.

Kind regards Sarah.


Join us!

If you would like to visit our business networking group, please:

BNI is quite literally the best way to build a better business. We can help you seize the opportunities to take your business to the next level: making it more profitable, more effective and more successful than you ever thought possible. Everything else is just random networking.

More Profitable

Your fellow members become your unpaid marketing team, actively seeking new business for you.

More Effective

BNI’s structured, supportive and professional environment is the perfect place to gain practical advice, learn valuable new business skills and achieve best practice.

More Successful

Word of mouth is still the best way to win new business. BNI shows you how to develop relationships built upon trust so others can confidently refer new business to you.

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