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Richard Mahoney, President of BNI Sterling, welcomed Dewan Mahdi Chowdhury of City Gate Solicitors who is a property lawyer. Richard also welcomed our newest member Merielle Ghali, who is a Business Change Consultant.

All images are courtesy of the one and only Danilo Leonardi

BNI Sterling is eager to be involved with the local charity - Shelter From The Storm. Our mission is to house and support homeless Londoners. 

Richard Mahoney President

Breakfast, Business, and Banter. They're all on the table. 

We would love for you to be a fellow member of BNI Stirling.

The more members we have, the more effectively we can grow your business because you have more salespeople (read “referrers”) looking out for you.

We would, therefore, like to extend an invitation to the following professions to join us:

  • Surveyor
  • Contractor
  • Event Organiser
  • Estate Agent
  • Recruitment consultant
  • Corporate Finance
  • Foreign Exchange
  • Will writer
  • Office movers
  • Graphic designer
  • Managed print company
  • Office stationery supplier

If you would like to join us, Click Here 

Sales & Marketing - Two Sides Of The Same Coin 

Or the left and right shoe, tied together by a ‘granny knot’ and placed high up where they can never be untied. Not until now has classroom banter rang so true. “Hey,  who tied my shoelaces together ?” “They tied themselves.”

Sales vs Marketing Two Sides Of The Same Coin

Marketing and Sales are two functions within a business that rely heavily on each other to achieve their respective objectives. It can be said that they operate simultaneously; without marketing, prospective customers would be virtually nonexistent, however without a sound sales strategy, your closing rate will be of a similar nature.

To put it in layman’s terms, marketing entails all efforts to reach and persuade the target market, where sales is responsible for the actual process of closing a particular deal. A strategic combination of these two departmental functions will promote the growth of one’s business through a well-balanced approach to positioning and customer interactions. On the other hand, too large or small an emphasis on either marketing or sales could result in hindered growth and a disjointed brand image.

It is noteworthy that effective marketers add value to the sales process as a whole and sales reps provide invaluable information to marketers about the current landscape through reporting customer feedback.  Let’s have a look at some of the most critical points of difference between Marketing and Sales, based on 3 key factors.

  1.  Goals
  •   The main goal of marketing is to position a company in the mind of the consumer through the product, price, promotion, place (channels), processes and people of the organization. This involves storytelling to sizeable targeted groups of consumers in order sculpt the brands’ reputation, as well clearly communicating the value proposition through all endeavors.
  • The main goal of sales is to generate revenue and in turn, fulfill sales volume objectives.  This involves influencing purchase decisions at the point of interest, through the use of sales tactics to persuade the consumer that their needs will be met and exceeded.  An important distinction to make is that sales is concerned with meeting needs in an opportunistic, individual manner.
  1.       Thinking Style
  • Marketing is concerned with longer term strategies, that are inducive, intuitive and generally take into account an ever changing environment. This is necessary to achieve synergy between different components of the organization and ensure that creativity and analysis are applied to the seeking for and capitalization of opportunities.
  • Sales is concerned with a shorter-term, more tactical standpoint. The real-time use of intrapersonal skills and negotiation techniques is crucial to judge the situation relating to the purchase decision of one or a few consumers in particular. The tactical sale operations are in line with short-term components required by the strategic objectives set by upper management.


  1.             Affinity
  • Marketing’s affinity lies with the brand. The development and building of a brand's image and reputation over time results in loyal customers and increased leverage within a company’s sphere of influence. It is fitting to shine a light on the effect this has on the sales performance of an organization; when a consumer perceives relevant & unique added value that closely matches their needs, not only does it aid sales efforts, but it strengthens the brand in the face of adverse competition.
  • Sales’ affinity lies in the customer themselves. The 1 on 1, relationship-driven nature of sales consulting is critical when a prospective customer needs to re/informed of their needs, reminded of the value being offered to them and then persuaded that their needs are one step away from being met. It must be highlighted that successful sales negotiations such as these are far more frequent when they occur on the back of bulletproof marketing, that has already established a considerable level of brand equity in the mind of the prospect.

As you can see, it can be said that Marketing and Sales are two sides of the same coin. Of course there are many more ‘coins’ stacked up within a business, however, you'll have to speak to our accountants about that.



Education Slot! Education SLot

Dean Henry of Radcliffe and Newlands provided insights on how to get the most out of the 60 seconds slot.

60 seconds is an opportunity to explain your business, the type of referrals you want, and identify any particular individuals that you want to connect with.

The purpose of the 60 seconds is to provide Chapter members with enough information to speak about and market your business on your behalf. It is important to be clear about a) what you have to offer and b) why you are better than your competitors.

While there are no hard and fast rules, a guideline for a good 60 seconds would be:

  • Introduction – who you are, the name of your business and what you do – 15 seconds
  • Focus – what is your current focus area? – 10 seconds
  • Credibility – do you have a story or testimonial that demonstrates your expertise? – 20 seconds
  • Call to action – what do you need from Chapter members? – 10 seconds
  • Memory hook – do you have a slogan that will make your business memorable for members? – 5 seconds



Let Gratitude Grow Your Business

Gratitude Business BNI

When was the last time you showed a coworker, employee, referral partner, or investor how grateful you were for their help? Has it been in the last week, month, or year?

Gratitude can have lasting positive effects on your success in business and can help you step back and see the bigger picture to better facilitate growth. The gratitude you feel for the wonderful things in your life can help you seek out more successes, and help you feel more positive about what is ahead in life and in business.

Read the full article here.

Movers and Shakers! 

Photographer Danilo Leonardi held an exhibition organized by London Independent Photography Central Group.  at the Espacio Gallery in London. It became a spontaneous BNI social as many members from our group were there to support him.

The theme of the exhibition is the idea of “Here”, which each photographer has approached in a different way.

Danilo’s photography was beautiful to behold. Mysterious. Beautiful use of light and capturing moments that made you stand and look at the photograph deeper and deeper.

William Gets of Brainstorm Marketing, Bharat Gorsia of KBG IT Consulting and Chris Hayes of Freedom Works UK.

William Gets of  Brainstorm Strategic Marketing , Bharat Gorsia of KGB Consulting and Chris Hayes of FreedomWorks UK 



Join us!

If you would like to visit our business networking group, please:

BNI is quite literally the best way to build a better business. We can help you seize the opportunities to take your business to the next level: making it more profitable, more effective and more successful than you ever thought possible. Everything else is just random networking.

More Profitable

Your fellow members become your unpaid marketing team, actively seeking new business for you.

More Effective

BNI’s structured, supportive and professional environment is the perfect place to gain practical advice, learn valuable new business skills and achieve best practice.

More Successful

Word of mouth is still the best way to win new business. BNI shows you how to develop relationships built upon trust so others can confidently refer new business to you.

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