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Take Care Of Your … Bottom-Line | Business Referrals

BNI Business Networking Sterling Blog Killer Office Chair

Fear! We have all experienced it at some stage in our lives.  Maybe it was the dark, long-limbed spiders, snakes, dizzying heights, or worse yet; mother-in-laws. But what if all this time, there existed a silent, deadly killer, patiently waiting for its venom to overcome your body’s defense mechanisms? Patient, yet effective. Ruthless, yet poised. […]

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Time Flies When You’re Doing Business | Business Networking

BNI Sterling Networking

Celebrating Woman in BNI! We are passionate about business and we admire women!  After our usual Thursday morning meeting, BNI Sterling proudly hosted an inspirational talk titled “Performing at Your Best – Consistently”, by the world renowned Victoria Soames Samek. Victoria is a master clarinettist and saxophonist of the highest technical and artistic standards and who […]

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Sterling Causing A Stir | Business Networking

Our weekly business networking breakfasts this April were buzzing with laughter, discussions, and demonstrations, evidently leaving many of us with ever strengthening connections. BNI Sterling were victors after a social quiz event, involving BNI Waterloo.  All in good spirits, as avid business people accustomed to corporate competitiveness, we thoroughly enjoyed the rarity that is, friendly […]

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Fresh Faces & Fresh News | Business Networking

Case Ninja

Richard Mahoney, President of BNI Sterling, welcomed Dewan Mahdi Chowdhury of City Gate Solicitors who is a property lawyer. Richard also welcomed our newest member Merielle Ghali, who is a Business Change Consultant. All images are courtesy of the one and only Danilo Leonardi.  BNI Sterling is eager to be involved with the local charity – Shelter From The […]

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All For One, One For All | Business Networking

Chapter news This week Chapter members received their individual Member Traffic Lights scores. The Member Traffic Lights are a tool to help you get the most out of your BNI membership. We know that if members follow the tried and tested BNI system and carry out the activities recommended by BNI, then they get better […]

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Up Up And Away | Business Networking

Fresh And Ready!  There’s nothing like starting a New Year on a high. Back in summer 2016, BNI Sterling had not yet reached it’s potential, ranking ‘Grey’ in the BNI Chapter Traffic Lights report. Fast forward six months, and a whole lot of consistent and persistent effort, and the result is a lively, healthy Chapter. This […]

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The Season To Be Jolly | Business Networking

Merry Christmas from BNI Sterling! Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year from everyone at BNI Sterling. After a wonderful year at BNI, it culminated in us enjoying our Christmas party at AllStar Bowling Holborn.  The food and drinks tasted particularly decadent when enjoyed on the back of a successful December.  Sterling News!  BNI Sterling […]

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The Early Bird Gets The Worm | Business Networking

We all absolutely love hearing about each other’s businesses! The smiles and genuine vigor in the mornings really does create an environment that is not only conducive to worthwhile referral related discussions, but also a joyous and socially stimulating morning. Following the morning presentations and networking, we feel well equipped to head out and refer where […]

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Indivuduality Within Unity | Business Networking

Naturally For You

It is truly awe-inspiring to witness fellow professionals stand up each week and orchestrate a brilliant presentation on their particular field or business. Whether it is 60 seconds or 10 minutes, we are all constantly learning more about each other. It has been evident following the success BNI Sterling has seen in October, that the […]

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