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If you want more business through word of mouth marketing
and you are a business owner - you're in the right place!

BNI Sterling is one of the most professional, vibrant and energised business breakfast groups in London.

Corney & Barrow Lime Street is the venue for the weekly meeting of one of the fastest growing networking groups in London, BNI (Business Networking International). BNI Sterling has been established since 2003 and has been going strong ever since.

Current members of the group are from London and the outskirts of the City. They are looking to welcome other businesses to come along and see just how well BNI Sterling works.

The meeting itself lasts for 90 minutes and there is plenty of time for networking before and afterwards. There is an opportunity for each business to give a 60- second pitch to the group, allowing everyone there to know what they do and what they can offer. There is just one profession per sector accepted in the group, locking out any competition. The group is very team orientated, and a great trust has been developed between the members, resulting in fantastic word of mouth marketing.

This is the most cost effective method of advertising by far. What is the cost of placing a hit and miss advertisement in a local paper? What is the cost of placing that advertisement every week?

At BNI, each member has their own team of trusted professionals promoting their business to their friends, contacts, existing clients and potential clients. Its all about ‘Givers gain’, if you give me business, I will want to give you business. Fantastic, and in addition to the benefit of directly receiving ‘proper’ business referrals, BNI members also have the comfort of knowing that they can draw on a wealth of experience from trusted business professionals from various sectors whenever help or advice is needed.

Remember to bring plenty of business cards and make the most of a new and vibrant business environment.

A meeting fee of £16 if booked online or £20 on the door is applicable to all guests. This includes various delicious breakfast options.

BNI Sterling meets for breakfast every Thursday from 6.45 am – 8.30am near Lime Street.
Location details are on the contact page.

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Fear! We have all experienced it at some stage in our lives.  Maybe it was the dark, long-limbed spiders, snakes, dizzying heights, or worse yet; mother-in-laws. But what if all this time, there existed a silent, deadly killer, patiently waiting for its venom to overcome your body’s defense mechanisms? Patient, yet effective. Ruthless, yet poised. […]

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Celebrating Woman in BNI!We are passionate about business and we admire women! After our usual Thursday morning meeting, BNI Sterling proudly hosted an inspirational talk titled “Performing at Your Best – Consistently”, by the world renowned Victoria Soames Samek.Victoria is a master clarinettist and saxophonist of the highest technical and artistic standards and who holds a Masters […]

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Our weekly business networking breakfasts this April were buzzing with laughter, discussions, and demonstrations, evidently leaving many of us with ever strengthening connections. BNI Sterling were victors after a social quiz event, involving BNI Waterloo.  All in good spirits, as avid business people accustomed to corporate competitiveness, we thoroughly enjoyed the rarity that is, friendly […]

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Richard Mahoney, President of BNI Sterling, welcomed Dewan Mahdi Chowdhury of City Gate Solicitors who is a property lawyer. Richard also welcomed our newest member Merielle Ghali, who is a Business Change Consultant. All images are courtesy of the one and only Danilo Leonardi.  BNI Sterling is eager to be involved with the local charity – Shelter From The […]

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